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"Course of Specialization in Prosthodontics UERJ "

The Course of Specialization in Prosthodontics offered to dentists from the University of Rio de Janeiro is recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Federal Council of Dentistry, under the coordination of Dr. William Frossard.

The course offers a focused vision for the future and ensures current and connected with the latest technological dental education, fulfilling the requirements of the 

competitive job market. 

    The aim of the specialization course is to teach how to reconstruct damaged or  destroyed teeth, the replacement of missing teeth to preserve the functions of the stomatognathic system, and to restore health, comfort and aesthetics. Based on a modern concept of dentistry, the multidisciplinary specialty teaching involves not only the study of dental prosthesis, but covers all areas of dentistry, and provides an encompassing Oral Rehabilitation treatment.

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