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Testimonials: Falabella, Raika and Dominiky Tavares Ferreira.

Falabella responde se tem medo de dentista.

"Falabella was very honest and talked candidly about vanity on the Video Show. One of the questions asked was whether he was afraid to see a dentist. His answer is a true statement of respect and affection toward his dentist, Dr. William Frossard."

Clínica William Frossard

"Dr. William Frossard, is the one who takes care of my smile, and I totally recommend him !!! The clinics have all the infrastructure needed, and the specialists to take care of you and give 100% satisfaction. It is well worth making an appointment! Thanks to all the team for the care, affection and partnership they always show! 


                                   Raika Tavares -  Model Plus Milan

Clínica William Frossard

" Achieving a beautiful smile seemed far from my possibilities. But today, thanks to Dr. William Frossard and his team, it has come true. Thank you for redoing my smile."  


                                         Dominiky Ferreira - student

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