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Preventive Dentistry

William Frossard

Areas of Expertise

    O Prevention is the state of the art treatment in dentistry. 

    Prevention covers a broad approach to care that takes into account the several factors that contribute to prevent dental caries and periodontal diseases. 

     A complete ANAMNESE (questionnaire) is filled during the first visit, in which the medical history of the patient is checked to detect possible systemic diseases (such as diabetes, heart diseases and others) that affect oral health to allow for risk-free customized care for the patient. It is also extremely important to know the patient´s eating and oral care habits, and whether he or she smokes. In other words, the questionnaire is a tool for evaluating the patient´s health as a whole.  

   Oral cavity treatment consists in: proper brushing; good hygiene habits and flossing; bacterial plaque analysis; prophylaxis (the removal of plaque); ultrasonic cleaning (tartar removal); bicarbonate blasting; fluoride application; dental sealant application (a coating that prevents food from sticking to the chewing surface of teeth) and coronal teeth polishing.

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