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What is Day Clinic?


It is a day entirely dedicated to oral care, during which as many procedures as possible are performed to promote oral health and a good smile makeover. At the Day Clinic, the patient gets healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in just a few hours, in one day, depending of course on each case scenario. The Day Clinic is designed to reduce the stress of a long treatment, which is usually in several visits. With the Day Clinic, the patient arrives in the morning, and leaves at the end of the day with a renewed smile. For this, the Clinic relies on a modern infrastructure that caters to the well-being, safety and comfort of its patients.
   Our clinics have offices that are fully equipped and ready to meet any kind of emergency. There are also prosthetics  laboratories that will work closely with the dentist and speed up the completion of treatment.
   Book an appointment for your Day Clinic with us.

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